Saturday, 14 April 2012

Day 4.

April 13, 2012

Today was going well until ... my water bottle spilled all over in my bag causing everything I have inside of it wet including my phone :'( then my manager reminded me that it is friday the 13th today, woa what a surprise hey? After I got off work I checked my phone to see that it isn't working anymore, take note I don't have a warranty for it so it is double the trouble. My manager told me to submerge my phone in a bowl of rice so now I am just waiting for it to qork *crossed fingers* I hope it does. And that is the summary of my day haha I would title it as "Cellphone" :) Anyways, how did your day go?

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Scarborough shoal

As I was watching the news this "Scarborough shoal" issue came up regarding to the Chinese fishermen who were illegaly getting the large clams and live sharks. As the Philippine navy questioned the said group of fisherman they denied the accusation and said that the Scarborough Shoal is a part China. Scarborough shoal is very close to the shore of Zambales where you can even go there with just a mid-size boat so clearly It is in the Philippines territory. I'm not trying to bash the Chinese or anyone but I think that the Philippines government should take action about it to protect the rights of the Filipino local fishermen and to save the environment. According to the marine biologist who examined the issue these large clams that was captured are the home to various kinds of fish, in other words if this kind of fishing keeps going on there will be a greater consequences and not just the Philippines will be affected but the Republic of China too. So please, please let's not waste anything and not be selfish because this is for the good of everyone else.

*This post is about my perspective. Any false information is not intended.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Day 3.

A good morning here in the West! Sadly, I did not get a chance to blog about my day yesterday because right after I stepped in my room I passed straight out to my bed.

April 10, 2012:

It was my day off after working 5 days straight, Yay! I made plans with my friends so we can catch things up since we are on our break. So we went to see 21 Jump street and boy, how hilarious that movie was! I have never laugh that hard from watching a movie so I will give it a 5/5. Wohoo! After that we decided to go to Chinook mall to grab some food until we saw this sushi bar beside it, therefore we gave it a try. It was delicious and surprisingly affordable! While waiting for our order we took a gazillion photos and had crazy talks HAHA The only downside I found in that restaurant is  how it takes a 100 years for them to serve our dessert. But everything was all good after we took the first bite of our green tea ice cream. Afterwards, we decided to journey our way in to downtown at 10 at night & take the train JUST to take pictures. Though we ended up being paranoid to every male we encouter and decided to call it a day. Another good day filled with laughter and food. End.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Day 2.

Sorry people, I'm behind schedule for my photodiary :( I was busy with work and family affairs for the past few days so I didn't get a chance to update you guys. Also I cannot figure out how to use my phone to blog that gave me no choice but to skip posting for 2 days. Sorry! Anyways, this is how my day goes:

HAPPY EASTER! although Im late. haha So after church we went straiight to my lola loleng's graveyard to give a little prayer then went to my lolo anye's house to celebrate easter and hunt some eggs :) We just "chilled" there and ate A LOT till we decided to go for a joyride around the city since the sun is still out shining at 7pm. Oh Calgary. My dad then decided to go look for cars at the automall and there again I saw my dream awsome car, it is an aston martin <3 but Im not sure with the model. After a long day we are ready to go home and eat again. I lnow I am a fatasss hahaha And now my sister and I are having a sleepover at our living room watching the vow and eating chicken wings, good life. End. So I hope everyone had a wonderful easter with there love ones to celebrate it and God in there mind and heart. Till tomorrow loves!