Thursday, 12 April 2012

Scarborough shoal

As I was watching the news this "Scarborough shoal" issue came up regarding to the Chinese fishermen who were illegaly getting the large clams and live sharks. As the Philippine navy questioned the said group of fisherman they denied the accusation and said that the Scarborough Shoal is a part China. Scarborough shoal is very close to the shore of Zambales where you can even go there with just a mid-size boat so clearly It is in the Philippines territory. I'm not trying to bash the Chinese or anyone but I think that the Philippines government should take action about it to protect the rights of the Filipino local fishermen and to save the environment. According to the marine biologist who examined the issue these large clams that was captured are the home to various kinds of fish, in other words if this kind of fishing keeps going on there will be a greater consequences and not just the Philippines will be affected but the Republic of China too. So please, please let's not waste anything and not be selfish because this is for the good of everyone else.

*This post is about my perspective. Any false information is not intended.

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