Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Day 1.

Term 4.

First day of my photodiary, so this is how my day goes...
Today was the start of term 4 in my school so I had to wake up and go to school extra early to prepare and know the rooms and teachers of my new classes. Info. Pro is my 1st period class which I think is not a good idea because computer will be the first thing that I will have to deal with. The other class that changed this term is Religion, I was excited to come to that class until I learned that there is only 2 person registered in that course. It was ok for me at first until my teacher acted like a match maker between me and the only other person in my class. awkward right? -.- Anyways, I went home right after school because my thigh is so sore from playing grounders yesterday (Weeakk) haha nuff said!

Photo of the day: L to R
empty classroom in religion class while watching passion of Christ; What I wore, I thought it was a pj's with my coat on; Scarves on, again!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


This just came into my mind while doing math work. Weird eh? So I have decided to do a 30 days photodiary to start off my blog. A little update of my daily basis life good luck to me!


Greetings everyone!

Little bio:
I am Jill. A graduating High school student and waiting for 2 months to get my diplomas and to move on from half of the chapter of my life. I like Josh Hutcherson!, reading, playing bell lyre and singing (I'm a self-proclaimed singer) hahaha. I am a first timer in making a personal blog so bare with me please :)

I made this blog so I have an outlet from my everyday life. I don't promise that I will update often but will try!

Till here.