Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Philippines: After 20 years

Philippines, what have you become? what have we achieved after 20 years?

As I was checking my social media accounts this morning, I came across to this video pertaining to Ferdinand Marcos' speech about the past controversial "Bataan Nuclear Power Plant". Since there were several people that posted the said video I was curios enough to click & watch it. After watching it, I remembered all the things my grandmother has been telling us about the life of the Filipinos and the economy of the Philippines way back in Marcos' time. Life was "peaceful" and the economy was at its highest is how my grandmother described their life when Ferdinand Marcos was the president. She explained how the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant will be a BIG help to our country if the project pushed through, and how goods were affordable by everyone. Not long after, Ninoy Aquino, an activist to Marcos' martial law caught the people's heart and mind by pointing out all the negative works of Marcos, and believe it or not, we are dumb enough to let this commotion get through the best of everyone of us and voted to oust Marcos. The freedom of what everyone wanted was "granted" but are we really free? Look around, open your eyes. People became greedy. Criminal rates abruptly rose. Killing became rampant. Drug dealing is everywhere. The poor became the majority. Electricity and water that SHOULD be run by the government is now under an oligarch. Being celebrity is a requirement to a be politician. Wake up Filipinos.