Sunday, 8 April 2012

Day 2.

Sorry people, I'm behind schedule for my photodiary :( I was busy with work and family affairs for the past few days so I didn't get a chance to update you guys. Also I cannot figure out how to use my phone to blog that gave me no choice but to skip posting for 2 days. Sorry! Anyways, this is how my day goes:

HAPPY EASTER! although Im late. haha So after church we went straiight to my lola loleng's graveyard to give a little prayer then went to my lolo anye's house to celebrate easter and hunt some eggs :) We just "chilled" there and ate A LOT till we decided to go for a joyride around the city since the sun is still out shining at 7pm. Oh Calgary. My dad then decided to go look for cars at the automall and there again I saw my dream awsome car, it is an aston martin <3 but Im not sure with the model. After a long day we are ready to go home and eat again. I lnow I am a fatasss hahaha And now my sister and I are having a sleepover at our living room watching the vow and eating chicken wings, good life. End. So I hope everyone had a wonderful easter with there love ones to celebrate it and God in there mind and heart. Till tomorrow loves!


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