Thursday, 26 April 2012

I'm scared...

I am scared to graduate, I am scared to move on with my life, scared to enter university, scared to face life independently and without guidance of teachers but myself. I am going to miss everything in highschool, every lunch chats with friends, the skip trip to McDonalds, the teachers that bugs us fow our own sake, all the laughs, the pranks, tears, and hardworks. I suddenly feel melancholy, it seems like yesterday I just started jr. high then I am graduating in senior high in a month. I guess I am not ready yet to leave a huge chapter of my life. I remember my mom once said, "High school life is the best" and it really is! Time really flies so fast so you better make everything worth of it. I hope going to university wouldn't change my childish side where I just don't care about how I act like in HS, instead help grow and mature more. I am looking forward for the best.

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