Sunday, 6 May 2012


omygolly... I had an experience I wouldn't just forget. So here how it goes, I had my work up to closing today since my dad is still in the Phils. my aunt dropped me off to work. I was supposed to take the bus home as planned but since I am really restless today I called and begged my mom to pick me up, knowing that she doesn't have a professional license yet. Then she picked me up, went home & changed our car to fill the other one because we are going to church really early tomorrow. When exiting the gas station my mom saw a police car and got all nervous and what not because she is scared that she might get caught the she only have a learners license which isn't allowed if there's no class 5 license holder with us. I really don't know what have gotten into my mom's mind that she changed lane to go to a different way for us to avoid te police but end up being right beside them. Oh mom. haha Next thing I know is a red & blue led light flashing into our car and pulling us over. Guess what happens next?? We got pulled over because my mom forgot to turn on the tail lights. face palm! and the license was just the secon reason. The happy part is the police officers drove us home because no one would take us home and take note they aren't allowed to do that but they saved us from paying a tow truck. They also didn't suspend my mom and instead just fined her which is great to she can just go on a driving school. Isn't that nice? I've always thought that policemen are rude and heartless but I guess I'm wrong they're just really protecting us and teaching us how to be a responsible citizens. Thanks Sir! Thank you God specially that nothing bad happened to us but just this and I know this happened for a reason. Lesson for the day: DO NOT BREAK THE LAW.

goodnight and Godbless!

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