Saturday, 21 April 2012

Day 8.

April 20, 2012


No school for me today! yahoo! I didn't really do much because spent my whole afternoon looking for phones at ebay and a repair shop. I'm still deciding on what to do, should i just buy a new one or have it repaired? hmm? The thing is I really love my hTC sensation and I don't want any other phones but if I get a new it would be too costly for me. I emailed last night a repair shop to ask how much would be the cost and their price would be half the price of a new phone excluding the other fees. So I am very confused at the moment -.- sigh Anyways, after my mom's work we went to have dinner at Pho thai (my fav viet resaurant) then went to go grocery shopping and came home. I felt like my day was productive even tho didn't accomplish anything yet. hahaha And to end my night, I am starting to read my cathing fire book . yess peeta! That's all folks!

FACT: I'm a big Josh Hutcherson fan since 10 years old :P

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